Dress Code / School Dress
Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Student attire impacts the school and learning environment. All clothing, including footwear, must adhere to standards of cleanliness, good taste, and modesty as interpreted by school officials. Furthermore, all clothing must not compromise safety in any way. Apparel may not be worn that endorses illegal substances, alcohol/tobacco products, or messages that are deemed offensive, inflammatory, profane, violent, or derogatory. Parents will be notified and asked to visit campus to provide a change of clothing if student attire does not adhere to the School Dress Code.

Below are clarifying guidelines that provide students with clear expectations for the Avon School Dress Code:

  • Flip flops are not permitted

  • Clothing must be modest (at least cap sleeves or longer, pants / skirts / dresses / shorts exceed length of fingertips and worn at waist level, no skin-tight clothing permitted)

  • Unless deemed appropriate by principal, sunglasses, hats, hoods, and other headgear may not be worn indoors. When authorized by the administrator, they may be worn outdoors during P.E. activities, on special days or recess

  • Students may not write on themselves or their classmates

  • Clothing must not be torn or ragged

  • Pajamas and slippers are not permitted unless as a part of a School Spirit Day

  • Students may not remove outer garments, such as sweatshirts or sweaters if doing so will result in a violation of the dress code