• Dress Code / School Dress Agreement
    Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Student attire impacts the school and learning environment. All clothing, including footwear, must adhere to standards of cleanliness, good taste, and modesty as interpreted by school staff. Furthermore, all clothing must not compromise safety in any way. Apparel may not be worn that endorses illegal substances, alcohol/tobacco products, or messages that are deemed offensive, inflammatory, profane, violent, or derogatory.
    A parent or guardian will be notified and asked to visit campus to provide a change of clothing if student attire does not adhere to the School Dress Code.

    Keeping the above vision in mind, the following Agreement will guide students to know and understand expectations for School Dress:

    • Clothing must be modest:
      • shorts / skirts / dresses must exceed the length of the metacarpal knuckle joint
      • worn at waist level (no sagging)
      • midriff or underwear must not be visible
      • no skin-tight or low-cut garments
    • Headgear is prohibited indoors: NO sunglasses, hats, hoods, or other headgear
      • unless deemed appropriate or permissible for a special function by the Principal
      • unless worn outdoors during P.E. activities or Recess
    • Safe, activity appropriate footwear must be worn. "Flip Flops" are not permitted
    • Students may not write on their clothing, themselves, or their classmates
    • Pajamas and slippers are not permitted unless as a part of a School or Classroom Activity
    • Students may not remove outer garments, such as sweatshirts or sweaters if doing so will result in a violation of the dress code