Avon Elementary School Student Council Goals
    The main goal of Avon Elementary School's Student Council is to promote pride in our school! Each year the student council organizes numerous events to promote pride in our school. The main event that the student council plans each year is the middle school dance. The members of the student council plan everything about the dance like decorations, food, and even the music the dj will play! This event is always a favorite of students and the student council does an amazing job of organizing it!
    Another goal of the student council is to give back to our community. Each year the student council organizes our annual No Shave November event. This is a month where male staff members and Avon Police Department members grow their facial hair to raise awareness for men's cancer research. Students donate money at lunch to have a crazy style or designed into the teacher/ police beard. Students love the event and we raise hundreds of dollars every year that is donated to the American Cancer Society for cancer research. 
    Lastly, the student council is committed to posterity. One job of the council is to preserve pieces of Avon Elementary School History for future generations. That includes organizing and caring for over 50 years worth of yearbooks and newspaper clippings. They are also an important part of our Avon History Day celebration each year which further promotes pride and posterity at AES.
    Class Officers 2022-2023
    President: Liam Dugan
    Vice President: Peter Losinger
    Treasurer: Sean Annecharico 
    Secretary: Abby Fletcher
    Adviser: Miss Maria Irace