• Contact Information for Avon Elementary School Employees


    Last Assignment E-Mail
    Albrizio, Christopher Superintendent/Principal calbrizio@avonschool.com
    Anzzolin, Kathleen Occupational Therapist (PT) kanzzolin@avonschool.com
    Bauter, Megan Paraprofessional mbauter@avonschool.com
    Becker, Carrie Special Education (PT) cbecker@avonschool.com
    Bellini, Isabella Second Grade ibellini@avonschool.com
    Berta, Melissa Paraprofessional mberta@avonschool.com
    Bianco, Kayla (Leave Replacement) Fourth Grade kbianco@avonschool.com
    Blaney, Erin Preschool eblaney@avonschool.com
    Bulhoes, Bella Student Teacher / Long Term Substitute bbulhoes@avonschool.com
    Campbell, Meredith School Counselor mcampbell@avonschool.com
    Cascio, Kathleen Special Education kcascio@avonschool.com
    Cavanaugh, Michael Evening Custodian (PT) ---
    DeBenedetto, Doria Media Center Aide (PT) ddebenedetto@avonschool.com
    Doane, Abbey First Grade adoane@avonschool.com
    Dugan, Mary Math Intervention (PT) mdugan@avonschool.com
    Golda, Jaime School Nurse jgolda@avonschool.com
    Howard, Katherine Third Grade khoward@avonschool.com
    Iatesta, Adam MS Mathematics aiatesta@avonschool.com
    Irace, Maria Fifth Grade mirace@avonschool.com
    Keane, Kristin (On Leave) Fourth Grade kkeane@avonschool.com
    Kusters, Catherine Music Appreciation (PT) ckusters@avonschool.com
    Lerner, Amy Business Administrator (PT) alerner@avonschool.com
    MacDonald, Eileen (On Leave) Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Special Services emacdonald@avonschool.com
    Maloney, Courtney Lunch Coordinator (PT)
    Martin, Maureen Business Assistant mmartin@avonschool.com
    McGinely, Jeanmarie (Leave Replacement) Director CISS jmcginley@avonschool.com
    McMahon, Matt Evening Custodian (PT)
    McMahon, Sean Evening Custodian (PT) ---
    Nappo, James Health / Physical Education jnappo@avonschool.com
    Nappo, Vincent Lunch Program Aide (PT) ---
    Pauciello, Scott MS Social Studies (PT) spauciello@avonschool.com
    Pigman, Josh Special Education jpigman@avonschool.com
    Plunkett, Stephen MS Science splunkett@avonschool.com
    Price, Danielle Kindergarten dprice@avonschool.com
    Rose, Nancy School Secretary nrose@avonschool.com
    Segal, Elisa World Language / Service Learning esegal@avonschool.com
    Sennett, Eileen Supervisor of Instruction (PT) esennett@avonschool.com
    Silvestri, Jennifer MS Language Arts jsilvestri@avonschool.com
    Smith, Bruce Head Custodian bsmith@avonschool.com
    Stefankiewicz, Kristin Art Appreciation (PT) kstefankiewicz@avonschool.com
    Tracy, Amanda Speech Pathologist (PT)
    Trapani, Brian Special Education btrapani@avonschool.com
    Vaccarino, Michael Network Engineer ---
    Yee, Frank Applied Technology fyee@avonschool.com