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    Tuition Program General Information

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    The Avon-by-the-Sea Board of Education is authorized by N.J.S.A. 18A: 38-3 to admit students who are not residents (nonresidents) in the Avon-by-the-Sea School District and may agree to accept nonresident students in Preschool through Grade Eight subject to requirements, terms, and conditions of Board Policy 5111.01 Tuition for Nonresident Pupils.

    The Tuition Program is offered for the purpose of encouraging and enhancing the academic and social-emotional environment for resident students.
    Please note:

    While Avon Board of Education Policy allows admission of tuition students in any class with enrollment under 18 in Grades K-2 and 22 in Grades 3-8, the policy requires a screening process to identify students who are ready and fit

    Tuition acceptance is based on the information gathered from the student record review and the admission guidelines stated in the Tuition Policy. The needs of existing students will also be considered when deciding if the addition of tuition students are beneficial to the class

    Typically, there are only two entry points for admission to Avon Elementary School as a tuition student: Marking Period One (first day of school) or Marking Period 3 (mid-January)