• Avon Elementary School
    Integrated PRESCHOOL
    Tuition Program


    The Avon Elementary School Integrated Preschool Program is open to both Residents and Nonresidents on a tuition basis and will provide children ages 3-5 with a comprehensive innovative curriculum that targets the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards utilizing the state-approved Tools of the Mind framework. This curricular framework focuses on the following developmental domains:

    • Cognitive
    • Social-emotional
    • Self-regulatory
    • Foundational academic skills

    Avon School’s Integrated Preschool will include children identified with special needs as well as typical peers. Your child will learn and grow in a small group environment and programming will foster academic competencies including language skills, fine and gross motor skills, and pre-reading readiness. The program emphasizes peer interactions and the development of social skills such as executive functioning, self-regulation, and positive peer interactions in order to foster a positive classroom environment.

    Program Times:

    Preschool Tuition Costs:



    Full Day Integrated Preschool
    (8:05 AM - 2:20 PM) 


    $3,150 for each
    additional child

    Tuition Costs may change and are set each Spring for the following school year by the Board.
    Tuition payments due in installment payments: August 20 and January 1

    Students accepted into the preschool will have priority the following school year

    Preschool Tuition Students will be given priority for K-8 Tuition Program enrollment

    It is possible that in future years, program times are adjusted to best meet the needs may be offered as a morning session for 3/4 year olds with an afternoon session for 4/5 year olds

    Entrance Requirements:

    Avon School’s Integrated Preschool is a tuition program for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old who are residents of Avon-by-the-Sea. Non-resident children will be given consideration for acceptance if there are available seats in the program. All preschoolers participating in the tuition program must be toilet-trained.


    Application Process:

    Complete and submit the following documents to the Avon School Main Office (or via email to nrose@avonschool.com)

    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Preschool Tuition Student Registration Form
    3. $150 Non-Refundable Application Fee (will be applied toward tuition)
    4. If Avon Resident: Section II: Registration, Items 2-5
    5. Home Language Survey
    6. Health Forms
      1. Health Consent Form
      2. Health Questionnaire Form
      3. Physical Examination Form (Universal Child Health Record) 

    Preschool applications will be accepted in-person between
    February 16 (9:30 am) - March 1, 2021 for the 2021-2022 school year