2016-2017 School Performance

District Goals 
Promote Student Achievement:
  • Enhance identification of student need and improve access to individualized learning
  • Implement new/revised standards
  • expand/enhance enrichment programming resources and support
  • Further develop and promote on- and off-campus opportunities for Character Education, community service, and service-learning
  • Create extended school day/year learning opportunities through Title I Grant funding
Enhance the Culture for Learning:
  • Maintain action research approach to staff professional development
  • coordinate theme of Building Relationships across programming by creating opportunities for teachers to assume leadership roles that will strengthen culture, climate, and classroom community
  • Enhance school to community communication

Ensure Proper Function of the Organization:
  • Hire and train eight new staff positions for the 1617 learning season
  • Ensure compliance with required district reporting, data subsmissions, and mandatory training
  • Continuous review of safety and security procedures, training protocol, and infrastructure to ensure the approach and/or attainment of best practice recommendations
  • Investigate and pilot opportunities for energy reduction, the decrease of carbon footprint, and cost saving measures
  • Formalize a common records management process for all central office staff

Business Performance:
Program Performance
  • 1617 School Performance Report
Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights