2011-2012 School Performance:
NJDOE Reward School - High Performing 

Goal 1: Improve the communication between the school and the community
  • Inform the community about programs within the school
  • Gain community support for the school.
Goal 2: Continue to improve individual student achievement
  • Reduce by 5% the overall number of students identified as Partially Proficient on New Jersey State Assessments
  • Increase the percentage of students identified as Advanced Proficient
Goal 3: Enhance professional development initiatives
  • Expand the work of the Professional Learning Communities within the school
  • Expand the teachers' understanding of the Pyramid of Interventions and its use in the Avon School
  • Provide teachers and staff with anti-bullying training in accordance with NJ Administrative Code
Goal 4: Continue curriculum review, development and implementation
  • Align science and mathematics curriculum with Common Core Standards
  • Engage students in content learning through the use of technology

Program Performance: