2012-2013 School Performance
NJDOE Reward School - High Performing 

Goal 1: Integrate high quality formative and summative assessments across the curriculum

  • Objective 1: Evaluate existing formative and summative assessment instruments
  • Objective 2: Meet with PLC's to establish needs for formative and summative assessments across grade levels
  • Objective 3: Develop and implement new formative and summative assessments for each grade

Goal 2: Superintendent/Principal to establish himself as the educational leader of the school and community

  • Objective 1: Work with New Jersey School Boards to develop a strategic plan for the Avon School District
  • Objective 2: Identify educational goals and school district priorities for 2013-2014 school year
  • Objective 3: Focus and involve the entire Avon community in the attainment of educational goals

Goal 3: Hire and mentor an administrative team for the school

  • Objective 1: Identify candidates for the position of Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Special Services
  • Objective 2: Conduct final interviews for position and recommend candidate to the BOE for approval
  • Objective 3: Enroll new administrator in State mentoring program and establish goals for the two year mentor period

Goal 4: Implement the new teacher evaluation system effectively

  • Objective 1: By November 2012 establish a district advisory committee
  • Objective 2: By January 30, 2013 officially adopt an evaluation instrument and model for the Avon School District
  • Objective 3: Provide Professional Development to faculty on new teacher evaluation system

Program Performance:
    Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights: