Guidance and Support

Remote Support for our School Community

  • Dear Families,

    As each of us in our Avon school community are figuring out how to navigate these unfamiliar waters, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that I will continue to be here as a source of support for our students and families. Additionally, as I approach the last several weeks before going out on maternity leave, my replacement, Brianna Martino, and I have been working together to ensure the transition is seamless and our students continue to be supported. The significant changes we have all had to adjust to over the last week undoubtedly can cause various challenges for each of us and we are here to help in any way we can. Please find some helpful resources below and know that you can contact me (Brianna as of April 10th) via email at any time, with specific office hours between 1pm-3pm. 

    Mental Wellness and Coronavirus:

    Talking To Kids About The Coronavirus

    Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

    Resources for Students

    Calming Strategies To Use At Home

    30 Things To Do For Our Emotional Health


    Be well and stay healthy!


    Mrs. Campbell