• Use of School Facilities - Building Use 
    The Avon Board of Education realizes the need for meeting space within the community and would like the school to be thought of as a community center. We would like to invite any organization to apply to use the school facility at any time during non-school hours in accordance with:
    The table below provides all the necessary information to request the use of the school building. Resources should be reviewed carefully and forms must be submitted to the Main Office in accordance with Regulations 7510 of the Avon Board of Education.
    Building Use Applications / Requests must be submitted not less than ten (10) working days prior to a regular Board of Education Meeting and not less than thirty (30) working days prior to the requested event date(s).
    Rules for Avon School Use     /     Rules for Avon Municipal Building Use
    Building Use Applications 
      Avon School   Municipal Building

    School Staff Application: 

    Non-Staff Application:
    Request MB Space
    By submitting a Building Use Request form, the Responsible Party acknowledges receipt and understanding of the Avon BOE Policy 7510, Regulation 7510, the Building Use Rules, and agrees to all Rules and Regulations pertaining to the use of Avon School facilities.