Arrival / Dismissal / Parking
    In order to support safe and orderly Arrival and Dismissal, parents and guardians dropping students off by car must utilize the Drop-Off Lane located on the eastbound side of Lincoln Avenue leading up to the corner of Fifth and Lincoln Avenues.
    Students MAY NOT be dropped off or picked up in any other location around the school campus. Students walking to school must use crosswalks and sidewalks and obey the Crossing Guard. When riding bikes, skateboards, or any wheeled device students must wear a helmet and walk their device once they arrive at a crosswalk and/or campus corner.
    Parking at Avon School is limited to on-street parking only. No vehicle should stand or park in the Fire Lane in front of the school on Fifth Avenue. Visitors may temporarily park in the Drop-Off Lane after 8:30am and before 2:30pm.
    Special Notice: In cooperation with the Avon Police Department, Fifth Avenue (between Lincoln and Lincoln Lane) will be closed to vehicle traffic on school days during arrival and dismissal (approximately 7:15am-8:15am and again from 2:30pm-3:15pm)