• Emergency Notification

    In the event of an emergency or inclement weather, typical/normal school programming (Hours of Operation) may be impacted. It is possible that school programming may be canceled (closed), delayed, or dismissed early.
    Emergency notification will be posted as an announcement on the district homepage and will be distributed via email (and possibly text message) to Guardian Contact addresses listed in the Student Information System (Genesis).
    Additionally, parents have the option to “opt-in” to the Avon Home and School Association Phone Chain for an emergency notification phone call.
    Delayed openings are two-hour (120 minute) delay - staff and students must report to campus by 10:05 a.m. and proceed directly to Homeroom.

    Emergency Contact Information:

    It is essential that Avon School receives timely updates on contact information (parent phone numbers, parent email addresses, and emergency contact information) at the beginning of each school year and immediately whenever changes occur during the school year.

    In order to verify a student absence without prior notification, the order in which school staff will attempt to gain verification is as follows: Guardian 1, Guardian2, (etc.), Emergency Contact 1, Emergency Contact 2, (etc.) until someone is reached and can verify the status of the child. If no contact can be reached, the school places a call to the Avon Police Department. Parents have the ability to revise the contact order from the Parent Portal.

    Parents are asked to update all contact information (phone and email address) in the Genesis Parent Portal <https://parents.genesisedu.com/avon> but are also welcome to contact the Main Office for support to update information.