•  Discipline

    The Avon Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct Policy and Regulation is available on-demand through the school website.

    Teachers will develop and use a variety of classroom management strategies to ensure on-task behavior is the norm in the classroom environment. Teachers are required to treat each student with courtesy, respect, and with an understanding of individual needs - corporal punishment by any staff member in any form is strictly forbidden.

    Staff develop classroom rules and to share and review them with their students throughout the school year and will determine and use a variety of approaches to deal with disciplinary situations.  

    If the level of discipline escalates beyond the classroom, a member of the administrative team will handle infractions that violate the Avon Student Code of Conduct. Some of the strategies include:

    1.   Admonishment

    2.   Student-teacher conference

    3.   Parent conference

    4.   Temporary removal from classroom

    5.   Deprivation of privileges

    6.   Detention

    7.   Grading

    8.   Suspension (In-school or Out-of-school)

    9.   Expulsion

    10. Restitution and restoration

    11.  Counseling

    When administrative restrictions are imposed by an administrator, pupils will be isolated and work in a designated location with appropriate supervision. They may be permitted to attend some special subject classes with administrative approval.

    Ordinarily, parents/guardians are to receive notice, by either a detention assignment slip or telephone call, one school day in advance when an after-school detention is assigned. When unique circumstances prevail, an administrator may contact the parent/guardian to see if this notice can be waived and the detention held the same day. An administrator may assign a student a “central detention” that occurs either before school, from 7:05am - 8:05am or after school, from 3:05–4:05pm.

    Students must attend a central detention regardless of their extra-curricular or after-school commitments. It is the responsibility of the individual student to make all necessary arrangements to meet the obligations of the after-school detention.

    After-school detention is to be served on the day(s) assigned unless a medical appointment or religious obligation is scheduled.  Parents must notify an administrator if a delay is requested for these reasons.