• Parent / Teacher Conferences

    Parent/Teacher Conferences are face-to-face conversations between a parent and a teacher focused on sharing information that will help accelerate learning and improve the status and progress of the student. Schoolwide Parent/Teacher Conferences are traditionally scheduled each November, but they may occur at any time during the year upon the request of a parent or a teacher.

    A conference provides an opportunity for parents and the teacher to dialogue about their child’s academic, social, and emotional needs and progress as well as anecdotal feedback about their learning life here at school. Parents and guardians can expect to learn more about what their child is learning, how they are learning, and their progress toward curricular learning targets. The teacher may share detailed academic assessment data as well as social and emotional (character development) progress - things like how they get along with classmates, how they problem solve, and contributions they make to the classroom community. Finally, the conference will include guidance about student learning needs, specific resources, and strategies that can be utilized at home to best support the learning needs of the student.

    Parents do not need to wait until November to request a Parent Conference - likewise for Teachers. If you feel a problem exists, please reach out to your child’s teacher and make arrangements to meet for a conference.