• Technology Use and Care Agreement
    Acceptable Use and Care of School Technology

    School Technology Resources

    • Use technology (hardware, software, and Internet) only for educational reasons
    • Use technology only with my teacher’s or guardians’ approval and supervision
    • Use technology to gather, not copy, information
    • Upload, download, post, or send only those things for which I have been given permission by my teacher or guardian
    • Immediately alert  my  teacher  or  other  Avon  School  Staff Member if  I  encounter something inappropriate, unsure about something I am doing, or concerned about something a school or classmate is doing
    • Avoid any electronic activity that could be perceived as bullying, harassing or intimidating another person
    • Refrain from any activity that intentionally interferes with the operation of school computers or the network
    • Return school issued equipment and accessories to the school at the end of the school year, if I transfer out of the district, or if a replacement is issued to me

    School Issued Device

    • Bring my fully charged device to school each day
    • Protect my device by:
      • Closing the screen before moving
      • Not leaning on the device
      • Not place anything on my device
      • Using two hands any time I move the device
      • Taking care to not bump the device into anything
      • Keep the area near my device free of food or drink
    • Keep my device free of any writing, drawing, stickers, or labels that are not property of the AES
    • Never leave the device in a car or unsupervised area
    • Charge my devices’ battery before the start of each school day
    • Practice proper digital citizenship (online/electronic) behavior
    • Notify my teacher if my device is damaged, broken, or fails to work properly

    Personal Technology

    I will not use personal technology while at school or while remote learning.

    The use of Electronic Devices and/or Electronic Communication and Recording Devices (Policy 5516) such as, but not limited to, personal computers, mobile phones, portable audio recorders, smart devices (ie: smartwatch), portable video game systems, laser pointers, etc. is prohibited during school hours, except with prior permission of the administration.

    Cellular Devices: Students are permitted to bring a cellular device to school if upon arrival:

    • The device is completely turned off until after school hours
    • The teacher is aware ths student has brought the device
    • The device is stored in their locker (or teacher directed location) at all times
    • The device is turned back on after the student leaves school grounds

    Using personal technology during school hours is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary measures. If a student needs to make emergency contact (call, text, message) to a parent during the school day, they will be granted permission to use the phone in the Main Office after approval from their teacher.

    As an Avon Tiger, I understand and agree to the following:

    • Access to various forms of school technology and the Internet while on school grounds or while remote learning is a privilege.
    • Access to school technology and resources are intended to accelerate my learning and better prepare me with the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary for future life.
    • I share the responsibility for the use and general care of all school equipment and resources but am personally responsible for the device(s) and/or accessories that are issued to me or am using.
    • I WILL NOT use personal technology while on school grounds or while remote learning. 
    • I can lose my privilege of access to technology and resources if I disobey any part of this agreement and that there could be other consequences related to any inappropriate use of district technology.
    • I may incur fines if any school owned or issued technology is damaged, lost, or stolen while under my care
    • I have reviewed this Agreement with my parent(s)/guardian and I agree to abide by the Avon School Acceptable Use Agreement.