•  Use of District Technology Agreement

    Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

    I understand that I will have the privilege of access to various forms of technology and to the Internet while on school grounds. In order to keep this privilege, I will:

    • Use technology (hardware, software, and the Internet) for educational reasons
    • Use technology only with my teacher’s approval and supervision
    • Use technology to gather, not copy, information
    • Upload, download, post and/or send only those things for which I have been given permission by my teacher
    • Immediately alert my  teacher  or  other  Avon  School  employee  if  I  encounter something inappropriate
    • Be careful and avoid any electronic activity that could be perceived as bullying, harassing or intimidating another person
    • Refrain from any activity that intentionally interferes with the operation of school computers or the network

    I make this agreement so that I can access Avon School’s technology resources in a safe, educationally beneficial way. I will let my teacher know if I am unsure about something I am doing or something my classmates are doing so that I can keep this agreement. I understand that I could lose my privileges if I break this agreement and that there could be other consequences related to any inappropriate use of district technology.

    Personal Device Agreement

    The use of Electronic Devices and/or Electronic Communication and Recording Devices (Policy 5516) such as, but not limited to, portable audio devices, laser pointers, portable video game systems, etc. is prohibited during school hours, except with prior permission of the administration.

    Cellular Devices: Students are permitted to bring a cellular device to school if:

    • Upon arrival to the school building, the device is completely turned off until after school hours
    • The device is stored in their locker at all times

    Using a cellular device during school hours is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary measures. If a student needs to make an emergency phone call during the day, they may be granted permission to use the phone in the Main Office after asking permission from their teacher.