• FLEX Coursework Agreement

    FLEX Coursework is offered to students in order to compliment core content and related arts instruction as well as expand learning. Participation will help students grow both academically and socially. Coursework is designed to complement student interest, talent, and readiness while providing an opportunity to participate in academic experiences that go above and beyond what you learn every day in class. FLEX class activities are created simply for the love of learning and are ungraded.

    Keeping the above vision in mind, the following Agreement will guide students to know and understand expectations for FLEX coursework:

    • I will report directly and on time to FLEX Class (no locker visit) and check in with my FLEX Class Teacher
    • I will be prepared, engage, actively participate, and contribute to the FLEX coursework experience
    • I understand that FLEX Coursework is designed to be fun and enjoyable for me, my classmates, and my teacher. As a team, we will create a positive, effective, and enjoyable learning experience for everyone