• 2021-2022 School Performance

    DISTRICT GOALS (And Strategic Planning)
    • 21-22 Budget Presentation
    • 21-22 Advertised Budget
    • 21-22 User-Friendly Budget
    • 21-22 Audit


    • 21-22 School Performance Report
    • 21-22 ABR Self-Assessment
    • 21-22 ABR District School Report  
    Buildings and Grounds:
    New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum is a Department of Education monitoring process public school districts are currently required to undergo every three years. The process includes five (5) areas assessed by District Performance Reviews (DPRs). The areas include: Instruction and Program, Fiscal Management, Goveranace, Operations, and Personnel. The monitoring includes a self-evaluation and on-site review by the Monmouth County Department of Education. School districts must achieve a minimum score of at least 80% in each area to pass QSAC monitoring and be designated as a “High Performing” school district. Avon School District is expecting on-site monitoring during the 2020-2021 school year.