NWEA MAP Assessment 
    Avon School utilizes the nationally normed Northwest Evaluation Association's Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) as a grade level benchmark tool measure student mastery of content area standards and readiness levels for future learning. The MAP is an adaptive assessment, meaning that a student's testing experience adjusts based on their performance with each question in order to create a personalized experience that accurately captures their grade level performance. The MAP assessment identifies a student's growth over time compared to normative data and shows projected student proficiency in each content area.
    Students at Avon School in Grades 2-8 participate in the MAP assessment with their classroom teachers in English language arts and mathematics. The MAP assessments are administered twice a year for all students in Grades 2-8 and Student Progress Reports are distributed with marking period 1 and marking period 4 report cards for parents to review. In English Language Arts, students are administered both reading and language assessments while there is only one assessment administered in each grade level for mathematics. Classroom teachers determine when MAP assessments will be administered within a testing window based on their instructional schedules and timelines. 
    For more information regarding the NWEA MAP assessment tool: 
    For more information regarding your child's NWEA MAP performance, please contact his/her classroom teacher.