Middle School
    Advanced Mathematics Coursework  

    When students enter Grades 7 and 8 at Avon School, they have multiple pathways for typical and advanced math courses: Grade 7 and 8 Mathematics or High School Algebra I. While all courses allow students to be challenged and thrive through their content and rigor, it is necessary that students demonstrate appropriate readiness for Algebra I to ensure their own academic success. Because of the challenges that come with the High School Algebra I content and workload, meeting benchmark criteria alone will not guarantee success in the course. It is very important that students who are eligible and choose to participate in the advanced placement program recognize the commitment they are making. Students must be motivated, diligent with their studies, and willing to seek help when needed.

    Understanding the pathways for mathematics at Avon School:
    • Grade 7 and Grade 8 Math: Typical pathway for Grades 7 and 8 students
    • Algebra I: Advanced pathway for Grade 8 students; rare advanced pathway for Grade 7 students

    Algebra I Placement


    Spring MAP Math



    Math Average

    18 Out of 30 or greater

     235 or greater

    92 or greater


    Grade 7 Algebra I Eligibility: Students must meet three out of three criterion to be eligible.


    Grade 8 Algebra I Eligibility: Students must achieve 18 out of 30 on the Algebra I placement assessment and meet one other criterion.