Resident Enrollment / Registration
New Student enrollment is completed by appointment at the
Avon School Main Office: 505 Lincoln Avenue
--- Por favor llame para una cita si necesita un traductor --- 
Once all documentation is prepared, please call 732.775.4328
to schedule an appointment with the district registrar: Mrs. Nancy Rose
District level administrator designated to applicants and available to assist
persons who experience difficulties with the enrollment process: Mr. Christopher Albrizio

Preliminary Information:
Section I: Proof of Residency/Domicile Guidance
Eligibility to Attend School (establishing residency/domicile) 
    • Detailed information about determining student eligibility in accordance with New Jersey Law
    • Examples of documentation to demonstrate student eligibility for enrollment 
Section II: Registration (for person enrolling the student)
1. Birth Certificate or other proof of student's identity
2. Residency Artifact (choose one):
  • property tax bill, deed, contract of sale, lease, mortgage, other evidence of property ownership, tenancy, or residency
3. Residency Support Documentation (choose one):
4. Proof of Domicile (submit four):
5. Enrollment Form (Choose the appropriate enrollment situation, section A, B, C, or D below, that best matches the student's circumstances - guidance):
Section III: Health Office FORMS
All new students are required to have had a physical examination within the year prior to the start of school. Additionally, the Avon School District adheres to the immunization requirements of the state of New Jersey. Utilize the forms and information below to complete the Health Office requirements for enrollment:
Section IV: Special Services
  • If your child receives any Special Services and/or has an IEP, please include documentation
Section V: Notice of Ineligibility Appeal Process