Reporting Absences

Parents/guardians are required to telephone the school to report the reason for the child's absence from school. It is essential that the school is notified whenever a child is absent. To report an absence, please call or email the school nurse prior to 8:15am. Mrs. Golda can be contacted at at 732-775-4328, x113.

When your child returns to school from an absence, Board of Education Policy requires a written explanation/email of the absence to be considered an excused absence. This note should be given to the child's homeroom teacher on the day your child returns to school. The note/email must include:
  • The child’s name
  • The date(s) of absence
  • The reason for absence (be specific; ie: cough, fever, stomach ache, etc.)
  • Parent / Guardian signature

Absences for illness, doctor’s care, quarantine, death/serious illness in the family, religious holiday, or court proceedings are always considered excused when we receive a written explanation.  Other absences for vacations, entertainment, visiting friends, and those for which no explanation is received are considered unexcused.