• Attendance

    The Avon Board of Education supports a program of active and interactive learning experiences. It is no secret that prolonged or repeated absences, patterns of tardiness, and/or frequent early dismissals deprive students of essential experiences and disrupt the continuity of instruction of the class. A school day shall consist of not less than four hours, with at least one hour in the forenoon and one hour in the afternoon.

    Furthermore, the State of New Jersey evaluates school districts in the area of College and Career Readiness, which is directly impacted by student attendance and tardiness. In conjunction with the District Attendance Policy, parents may receive Attendance Deficit Letters indicating problematic attendance data (accrued absences) and may require intervention actions.

    Please review the District School Year Calendar (www.avonschool.com/Calendar) to ensure that your child is in school every day that school is in session. Do not schedule recreational absence (ie: vacation) during the school calendar or make plans that cannot be changed. In the event the school calendar changes, student session make-up days may be added during school recess or by adding days in June.