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  • School Board of Education Member Basics


    Serving on a School Board:

    As a member of the board of education, you will be expected to fulfill certain responsibilities, including:

    1. Establishing goals for the public schools based on student educational needs, parent and community aspirations, state and federal standards and district financial resources
    2. Developing a philosophy of education that will become the basis for sound decisions that affect the governance of your community's schools
    3. Developing policies to guide the administration in managing the schools; developing bylaws to direct the board in carrying out its governance responsibilities
    4. Developing a community understanding of educational issues and school policies through the maintenance of effective communication systems
    5. Providing adequate financing for the district's present and future needs
    6. Ensuring quality education by providing adequate facilities and equipment
    7. Establishing conditions that enable the administration to recruit and effectively evaluate professional staff
    8. Engaging in board self-evaluation and in-service training programs for the purpose of providing well-in-formed leadership and sound decision-making
    9. Establishing a process for the board to negotiate in good faith with its employees, while representing community educational goals and financial interests
    You Should Also:
    1. Understand that your responsibility is not to administer the schools, but to work with the board to see that the schools are well run
    2. Understand that education today is extremely complex
    3. Listen to opposing views and be able to defend the board's philosophy and goals
    4. Be willing to invest the many hours necessary to meet your responsibilities
    5. Serve out of a sincere desire to benefit the community rather than for personal glory or to carry out personal objectives
    6. Bear in mind that, as a state official, you have a responsibility to all the children in the state, not only to those in the local district

    Frequently Asked Questions: