NJSBA Final Report


    2023 - 2028 Strategic Plan

    2018-2023 Strategic Plan - Quick Guide

    2018-2023 Strategic Plan - Yearly Action Plan


    Five Year Strategic Plan Information and Resources:

    Each school year, the Avon Board of Education engages in an annual review and evaluation of the organization in terms of programming and practice performance, resource allocation, progress towards goals and needs. This process helps identify strengths, needs, and wants while prioritizing actions based on resources and sustainable practice. Traditionally, the result was a yearly goal document called District Goals.
    Beginning in 2018, a Strategic Planning process was reinitiated with a targeted result of a five-year goal planning guide to map out how the district can attempt to address the wants and needs identified during Strategic Planning. With that, the Board of Education developed a tool that can serve both to outline strategic planning targets but also offer an avenue to depict goals that arrise from the yearly performance review.
    The Quick Guide above was developed directly from the NJSBA Final Report. Strategic Planning Objectives are identified on the Yearly Action Plan in fuschia font color while standard blue font denotes needs determined through yearly program and practice review. Tabs at the bottom of the document delineate each year of the multi-year plan and strategic planning objectives spiral out over the life of the five year plan until all objectives have been targeted. Notice that objectives in blue font begin to trail off in the later years of the plan because as of right now it may be too far out in the future to be able to review, evaluate/identify, and create a plan to address programming needs from that school year - the document is a living document and will be revised and developed further each year as yearly performance and progress is evaluated in addition to strategic planning targets.