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    Here are a few tips
    to help your child to be successful:
    1. Talk with your child about his or her day.
    2.  Help your child do his or her homework, and be interested in what he or she is learning in school.
    3. READ! - Have your child read to you, read to your child, or have your child record himself or herself reading and play it back.  However you want to manage it, be sure to read each day!
    4. Write! When you write, have your child write also.  Try writing a list, a letter to a friend or relative, or try creating stories and poetry together.  Write and make it fun!

    How Can I Help My Child Succeed?


    The best thing you can do to help your child succeed is to stay interested in his or her education and share the joy of learning. How children spend their time outside school affects their academic success. 


    Here are some things you can do to help your child succeed:


    1. Let your child know that education matters.


    2. Extend your child’s learning. Every waking moment is an opportunity to learn. Limit the amount of time your child spends playing video games and watching television. Make sure your child is reading and writing, and make sure he or she sees you reading and writing. Take your child to libraries, museums, and other places that can help him or her learn.


    3. Encourage reading for other purposes beyond school. Ask your child to read one section of the newspaper a day and set aside a few minutes to talk about it with him or her. Or, each evening, turn off the TV for an hour and create a TV-free “Reading Zone” for the whole family.


    4. Encourage writing for other purposes beyond school. Invite your child to write personalized greetings to family and friends. Thank-you notes are another good way for your child to practice writing skills.  On vacations, encourage your child to keep a journal and to write letters to people back home.
    (adapted from Reading Rockets)


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