• Avon Middle School Classroom Policies


    1. Come to class PREPARED.

    ·        You will not be allowed to go to your lockers once class has started.

    ·        Bring ALL assignments, homework, planners, books, notebooks, pens, folders, etc. 

    1. Take care of handouts given to you; you will only receive ONE copy. Make sure to secure it in your notebook.

    ·        If you lose something, you will be responsible for replacing it yourself.       

    1. Complete all in-class and homework assignments. 
    2. If you are absent, you are responsible for scheduling and completing any missed class work, assessments, etc. 
    3. Treat all materials with RESPECT.

    ·        Leave everything the way you found it.

    ·        Clean up after yourself.

    ·        Help a friend clean up if you have finished.

    ·        Scan the room before leaving to make sure you have everything that is yours.



     Grading Policy


    Formative Assessment = 0%
    Checks for Understanding
    Student Work = 15%
    Student Assessments = 85%