Avon Tigers are Respectful, Responsible & Caring


    Classroom Expections:

    1. Always show respect for everyone and everything.

    2. Come to class prepared with all required and necessary materials. This includes but is not limited to pencils, notebook/binder, workbook/textbook, lined paper, highlighter, pen.

    3. Four on the floor - do not lean back on your chair or your desk.

    4. Do not talk when someone else is talking. Raise your hand and wait your turn. 

    5. Learn, discover, ask questions, and have fun! 



    15% - Work Habits (Homework, classwork, etc.)

    85% - Assessments (This includes tests, quizzes, in-class assignments, do now quizzes, pop quizzes, and projects)

    *Homework is worth 2 points.

    **There may be times when homework is collected and graded for accuracy worth more than 2 points. Students will be informed of this and the number of points will vary depending on the assignment. 


    In addition:

    - Check Google Calendar daily for homework and assignments.

    - Use the monthly calendar given at the beginning of the month to remain at pace.

    - I am available during intervention/recess as well as before school at 7:45 am. Please let me know at least the night before if you will be coming before school.