• Avon Tigers are Respectful, Responsible & Caring

    Class Syllabus

    Classroom Expectations:

    1. All rules from the student handbook will be enforced.

    2. Be prepared and on time- have your textbook, workbook, notebook, and pencils.

    3. Respect everyone’s right to learn- be polite and considerate of one another.

    4. Take pride in your work- be proud of what you accomplish, work hard, and do your best.

    5. Be a team player- together we must strive for the success of every member of our class. Please offer assistance to those who need it, and do not be afraid to ask for help.


    Grading Policy:

    Trimester grades will be computed on a point system as follows:

    • Performance Tasks: 50-100 points (Periodic projects such as computer labs, group work, presentations, etc.)

    • Tests: 100 points (assessing multiple concepts)

    • Quizzes: 20-50 points (assessing one or two concepts in preparation for tests)

    • Homework/Classwork: 1-10 points (includes homework checks as well as problem sets assigned after lessons to be completed in class)

    End of year grade will be computed as follows: Trimester MP1, MP2, and MP3.