• High School Lottery Information

    The Avon-by-the-Sea School District is part of a dual send-receive (Sending District) relationship with both Manasquan High School and Asbury Park High School. Each year, a high school assignment lottery is conducted for all resident students to determine their high school assignment.

    Board of Education Policy 5410: High School Assignment stipulates that 37.5% of Eighth Grade resident students be assigned to Asbury Park High School and 62.5% of the Eighth Grade resident students be assigned to Manasquan High School through the lottery.

    The High School Assignment Policy will be equally applied to all identified Eighth Grade residents regardless of the school they currently attended (public or private).

    The lottery associated with the process of assigning students to High School is held each year in early January and the date and time are posted via a school website homepage announcement. All residents who have a child in the Eighth Grade are invited to attend the lottery, however, Avon School recommends that students DO NOT attend the lottery. Parents/guardians not able to attend the lottery will be sent a notice indicating the results of the lottery and detailed information about High School selection.

    If you have any questions or would like further information about the lottery process, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


    Please Review Policy 5410: High School Assignment

    High School Assignment Process

    High School Information Session - typically occurs in early Fall each year

    High School Lottery - typically occurs in early January each year

    Know families receive a first written notice announcing the High School Lottery and guidance information

    All known students are entered into the Lottery and are assigned a number which is then randomly selected

    Guardians receive official written notification which includes family lottery number and directions as to make a high school selection. Guardians must return the Selection Form by the deadline as outlined in the notification

    Returned Selection Forms are compiled and high school assignments are determined based on each student's lottery number and high school selection

    Guardians receive a final written notification as to the student's high school assignment