World Language

    Middle School Grading Policy


    Formative Assessment = 0%

    This includes the evaluation of students’ understanding of knowledge and skills during the learning process. The purposes of these assessments are not to administer a grade, but to check on student learning and re-direct teaching and learning to those areas in which individual students have demonstrated a weakness.

    Homework = 15 %

    •         Homework (2- handed in on time, 1- handed in next class, - 0 not handed in that week)


    Assessments = 85%


    • Open notebook assessment: Bell ringer open notebook cultural notes  assessment ( 1 per marking period )
    • Quizzes: Thematic vocabulary and grammar assessments
    • Skits and cooperative activities and role plays 
    • Speaking, listening and written assessment on specific thematic units
    • Marking period projects