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            The goal of the World Language Program is to provide all students with an introduction to a second language and it’s culture. The study of the Spanish Language and culture enables students to interact and communicate with others while gaining a greater understanding and respect for the cultural perspectives, practices, and products of different countries.

            At Avon Elementary School, the World Language Program includes all grades, K-8. Kindergarten through grade 4 meets for two classes per week. Many of the topics studied and reviewed each year are numbers, colors, the days of the week, the months of the year, weather, seasons, family, parts of the body, clothing, geography, classroom objects, Hispanic holidays, foods, and occupations. Students participate in a variety of activities during classes including conversations, vocabulary, singing, dancing, hands-on projects, and the study of Hispanic cultures. The program in grades 5 through 8 meet three times per week. All of the topics above are studied with a greater emphasis on geography and culture.
    Middle school curriculum goes more in-depth to encompass grammar, parts of speech, and conjugation of verbs. 
    The Middle school program ( grades 6,7 and 8) include a series  called "Realidades."
    In addition to  Spanish books, grammar, and workbooks, students also have access to an online resource called VOCES. They participate in a variety of activities There are online resources linked to their Google classroom that students may use for additional reinforcement.

            Some of the cultures studied include Mexico’s geography and cultural practices, the history of the Aztec, Inca, and Mayan Indians, and the geography and customs of Spain. Central and South America are also studied in the upper grades. In addition, students compare and study the significance of many of the Hispanic holidays such as Mexican Independence Day, Hispanic Heritage Month,  The Day of the Dead,  December Holidays, and Cinco de Mayo. Students also learn about many famous Hispanic people.