• Fine motor skills

    Fine motor skills

    Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscle of the hands, commonly in activities like using pencils, scissors, construction with lego or duplo, doing up buttons and opening lunch boxes.

    Fine motor skill efficiency significantly influences the quality of the task outcome as well as the speed of task performance. Efficient fine motor skills require a number of independent skills to work together to appropriately manipulate the object or perform the task.

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  • Executive Functioning Skills

    Executive Functioning Skills

    Click on the title to bring up links for activities that work on executive functioning skills. Games, exercise and simple independent work promote this area that is so important for healthy development and life skills.

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  • Tying shoes a different way

    Tying shoes a different way

    For our younger kids the traditional way may be difficult to master. Check out this short video for a different way for shoe tying!

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  • Keyboarding Without Tears

    Keyboarding Without Tears

    During this time, Keyboarding Without Tears (Grades K–5), a research-proven keyboarding program, is free to you and your students at no cost through July 31, 2020.

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