• Lunch Program Costs and Procedures

    The Program
    The Avon School has chosen the "Enhanced Food Based Menu Planning Option" for our school lunch program. Enhanced Food Based Menus are created by selecting a variety of foods from five (5) meal components:
    • meat/meat alternatives
    • vegetables
    • fruits
    • grains/bread
    • milk
    Special emphasis has been placed on increasing the total amount of vegetables, fruits, and grains/breads served each week.  All menus must meet the minimum daily quantities and nutritional requirements established by the Bureau of Child Nutrition and are analyzed to ensure compliance.
    The program offers five (5) daily "lunch menus" to Students. These are complete meals including a beverage and dessert. In addition, the program will offer snacks on a daily basis to the students once they have completed their meal.  All items sold in the school cafeteria are child nutrition (CN) approved products and are in accordance with the Avon Board of Education's School Nutrition Policy.
    • $3.75 = Lunch Cost (*due to the pandemic, lunch service is currently free to anyone who needs it until the end of the school year - normal week before ordering is still required)

    Snack Options:

    • $1.00 =Natural Spring Water 
    • $1.00 = Cereal (assorted varieties)
    • $1.00 = Chips (assorted varieties)
    • $1.00 = Cookies (Famous Amos)
    Ordering Procedures
    Order Forms are sent home each Monday and must be returned by Wednesday for the following week's lunches. Order Forms should be placed in an envelope clearly labeled with the student's name and grade. Lunch cost is $3.75
    Ordering Milk
    Milk does not need to be ordered ahead of time. Students may purchase milk (white or chocolate) on any day by bringing $0.50 to school.
    Paying for Lunch 
    You may PREPAY for your child's lunches! 
    We have implemented an automated system in which each student has an account set up and you can fund that account as you deem appropriate.  You can continue to pay for lunch weekly or you may send in a lump sum (i.e. $50) that gets deposited into your child's account and drawn down on as the student orders lunch.
    You can get a statement of your account at any time by calling the Lunch Program Coordinator. As your account balance gets low, you will be notified of such. Payments should be placed in an envelope clearly labeled with the student's name and grade.  We strongly recommend paying by check made out to the Avon Board of Education.


     If a student is absent on a day that he/she has ordered a lunch a credit will be issued IF the meal is cancelled by 9:00 a.m. - guardians must EMAIL the Lunch Program Coordinator in order to cancel a lunch order.