• The Applicant Screening Process 

    It is not uncommon for Avon School to receive and review several hundred applicant packets for every posted position! Consider composing your Letter of Interest in a way that will not only grab attention but will offer a glimpse into what you can offer to our school – make an impression.

    Understanding the screening process from the perspective of the school organization may help focus the importance of carefully reviewing submitted artifacts (cover letter, resume, transcripts, certifications, letters of recommendation, etc.). Please follow the directions carefully and review for mistakes and misspellings.

    The first round in the screening process requires interested candidates to complete a web-based Candidate Survey (located in job posting - Avon School does not use Appletrak). This survey helps school personnel collect and document interested applicants for the first round in the screening process. It may at first sound silly, but candidates must be able to follow the job posting directions, possess the proper certification, and proofread their submissions. If any of these elements are incomplete, or off target, the candidate will not be elevated to actual screening.

    Round two includes collecting and carefully reviewing candidate submitted Application Artifacts. In addition to the posting requirements, potential candidates must demonstrate interesting texture and training (intelligence, experience, varied background, unique talent, etc.) in order to move on to the next round. You may notice that job postings at Avon School often require multiple certifications–we are a small school and staff often serve multiple instructional rolls.  

    The third round in the process is a Questionnaire distributed electronically to the identified potential candidate pool. The questionnaire asks a series related questions with the focus on revealing personality, character, and ‘boots on the ground’ experience. Additionally, the questionnaire provides an avenue to gain insight to the candidate’s belief structure. It is important that candidates provide responses in a clear and concise manner.

    In some instances, it is necessary to include a phone interview as an additional round of screening. Candidates who continue on past the questionnaire/phone screening will be invited to an on-campus Interview with a team of faculty members. The interview is clinical in nature in that we use prepared questions and a rubric-based collection tool to rate candidate ‘fit’ with our team. The in-person interview allows our screening team to determine whether or not the candidate will be a high value contributing member who understands the value of professional collaboration to enhance our established culture.

    Often times, a second interview that includes members of the Board of Education Personnel Committee is conducted to conclude the screening process.

    The process is complex because of how important the decision is. Our students deserve only the best and the investment of district time and resources must produce high-quality learning environments. We want our team to continue to be comprised of collaborative problem solvers who can recognize and respond to the various needs of our learners. All staff must be reflective, honest, and have the ability to independently establish realistic professional goals and action plans. Avon School will only hire staff who are philosophically congruent with our vision and mission and who are committed to continuous growth.