• Avon Home & School Executive Board


    Nora Hyland, Leigh Johnson, Co-Presidents

    Lauren Kilcomons, Vice President of Public Relations

    Lauren Hayser, Vice President of Fundraising

    Nicole Szczepaniak, Secretary

    Colleen Connolly, Treasurer

    Lisa McLain, Class Parent Coordinator


    December 12, 2018

    Meeting Minutes

    Meeting opened at 6:16 by Nora Hyland.

    1. Review of November’s meeting minutes
    2. Superintendent’s Corner
      1. Feedback from the trip to Manasquan High School has been overwhelmingly positive. The Information and experience was found to be helpful.
      2. There is a half day 12/21.
      3. Sunday 12/23-Santa on the Firetruck!
    1. Treasurer’s Report (Colleen)
      1. Fall Craft Fair update
      2. Free Throw Contest: Booster club
      3. Bungalow Road

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    1. Secretary - (Nicole)
      1. Monthly minutes are be posted on the AHSA website! Check it out!
      2. Any emails and announcements to be sent out should go to Nicole.  Send it 2-3 days before you want it sent out.
      3. We have decided to allow NJHS students to advertise their special projects via our list serv and our facebook and instagram.
      4. Website is updated with all current events, meetings, etc.
    1. PR & Enrichment Events Report:(Lauren Kilcomons)
      1. Holiday Arts & Crafts-Tuesday December 18th
      2. Please send an email to Lisa McLain to secure your spot & If you haven’t sent in your money for this please do so ASAP.
      1. Thank you to everyone who helped make our Deck The Halls Party with Bungalow Road a success!
      2. Upcoming fall After school Programs*:
      3. Better Than Broadway* is coming up! Mark your calendars January 14-18! This is a FREE program and always a lot of fun!
      4. Girls on the Run* is good to go! We have reached the participation level needed to run this esteem building and fun program right here in Avon this spring. Tuesday  & Thursday from 3:15-4:30 during March, April, & May.   Thank you to our parent volunteers Gracia & Kristen!
      5. Lunch with Someone Special* is coming up on February 5th. We are always looking for new volunteers to learn the ropes!  Please reach out to Megan Russoniello, the coordinator. (Thanks to the volunteers who signed up already: Marissa Czajkowski, Kate Gamble, Lauren Kilcommons, Lauren Hayser)
      6. Please let Lauren Kilcommons know if you are coordinating any events and you want them communicated to, or covered by,  the Coast Star.  We can use the Avon Section to highlight upcoming events or to report on successful events.  

    2. Fundraising Report: (Lauren Hayser)
      1. We will be handing out printed flyers in mailboxes in town. We need parents a children volunteers!
      1. Michael’s Pizzeria & Sprinkles Etc. pizza & ice cream delivery fundraiser *  will be held on 3 consecutive Tuesdays (January 22 - North Avon delivery date, January 29 - Central Avon delivery date, February 5th- South Avon delivery date) .  We’ll need delivery volunteers for each date.  
      2. Better Than Broadway Sponsorship Program* - Businesses, families, and individuals will have a chance to sponsor the BTB production at a Blue or Gold level and have their name prominently listed in the Playbill.   We will also sell snacks during the BTB production on January 18th
      3. Stop and Shop Card Program*  - register and register your friends.*  
      4. We will NOT be having a pancake breakfast this year. We are looking for ideas to replace this event for the Spring.
    1. Class Parent Updates - (Lisa McLain) Anything with an asterisk( *) should be communicated to your class families.  Remind people of dates of events and ways to raise funds.   Start planning your teacher gifts and holiday parties.
      1. Holiday party food ingredients are due to the nurse by Tueday.

    2. Booster Club (Leigh or Nora)
      1. Family Bowling & Bake Sale (having trouble getting a date with bowling alleys)
      2. Super Bowl Pool
      1. Rose Ceremony is coming up for 8th grade - Girls 1/22; Boys 1/25
      2. Purchased some basketball shorts; will purchase some baseball pants and some equipment for baseball/ softball
      3. Booster Club upcoming events:  
    1. Hospitality Committee (Leigh or Nora)
      1. Thank you for arranging for all of the food at the Bungalow Road event!
      2. Cookie Swap - December 19th at the firehouse.  Let’s encourage people to attend. This is typically a fun night (with wine).  Everyone brings 112 cookies. You donate 12 to the teachers, and we swap with the other 100.
    1. Volunteers -(Leigh or Nora)  New process for volunteer sign-ups: In an effort to organize ourselves, we have assembled a google spreadsheet so everyone can view volunteer opportunities in one spot and sign up.   

    We are always welcoming new volunteers!

    Alumni Committee - Thanks to Maggie Kinkela for volunteering to coordinate this committee and to Kristin Scrabis Fletcher for volunteering to serve,  We should have a report and call for more volunteers by next month.

    1. School Directory (Leigh or Nora)– Was sent out via email. Printed copies available upon request.

    Other Business?

      1. 1st Father’s Night Out 1/16 at 7pm at Darcy’s!