• Art Appreciation Activities for the Weeks of May 26th and June 1st:


    Grades K-2: Creative Animals!

    Directions: (ask a parent/guardian to help if needed)

    Click on the "Creative Animals" link below under "Project Links" to open the Google Slides presentation with an introduction and directions for this project. 

    Under "Project Videos" you will see two links. One link will take you to my Google Drive, where you will find an instructional video created by Ms. MacIntosh with creative ways to use our HANDS to create different animals! The second link will take you to Art for Kids Hub website, which has several Animal drawing tutorials for extra inspiration! Feel free to create more than one Animal, using any materials you have at home!  

    -Over the next two weeks, take your time exploring Animals in Art, and create your own Animal Artwork, decorated using The Element of Art: Texture!  Use any materials you may have at home to create this artwork. When finished please share an image of your work with me via email, or classroom Dojo. 

    - Have fun, Stay positive, and keep creating! I miss you all :) 



    Creative Animals- Directions



    Creating Animals!- Video

    Art for Kids Hub! Animal Videos





    If you have any questions, feel free to email me Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9am-11:00am at mmacintosh@avonschool.com