• Virtual Instruction for STEAM:


    This image will not cooperate - so please follow THIS LINK for a better version of the BINGO board! Have students read through and choose projects they are interested in completing!



    Project of the Week 4/20:

    Earth Day Project!!

    Watch the read aloud of the book "One Plastic Bag" by Isatou Ceesay HERE

    • How did Isatou clean up the plastic bag waste in her village?


    Project: What can you do with a plastic bag?

    • Brainstorm - Ideas to repurpose a plastic bag
    • Plan - Draw your ideas
    • Create - Make something new out of a plastic bag
    • Share - Send me a picture of your creations!




    Project of the Week:

    Follow the link to Science Friday to build an ultra high speed toy out of paper!! Then test to see how fast you can make it go!!

    Low materials, lots of FUN!!!

    Send me pics of your completed designs!!



    ST. PATTY's DAY Project!!!! - Create a maze for the leprechan to travel through to get to his pot of gold!!  Possible materials: legos, cardboard, straws, tape


    Please choose a project that you can complete independently. Remember to utilize the engineering design process in developing your solution for any selected project. Research, brainstorm, design and if you have recyclable materials at home, utilize them to create solutions. If you have not materials to build, you can create a model on paper of the solution you would build. Please document the process with at least one drawing/diagram to show your design process. If you build a physical model, please bring these in as well! Answer reflection questions at the end of the project!


    Engineering Design Process


    1st - 5th Grade Project List

    Animal Habitat Design any type of animal habitat building or shelter for an animal of your choice at the zoo. If you have materials - build a model of your design! Think: Legos, cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, plastic bottles/tops!

    Ski Jump - Create a ski jump that is at least 25 cm long. Test your jump and measure how far you get the skier to jump! Older students - find the mean, median, and mode of 10 trial jumps!

    Around the World - Take a trip around the world! Choose a famous landmark. Research its features and design and build a model of it (if supplies are available). Landmarks could include: The Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Harbor, The Great Wall of China, Egyptian Pyramid! If you have another idea - go for it!

    Game Time - Design and create a new game! Can be a board game, physical/outdoor game or something new that doesn't already exist!! Be creative!! Explain with a model or actually build a working prototype!

    Solar System Model - Research, Design, and Create a model of the solar system. Older students may consider incorporating a feature that allows for rotation and revolution of planets in your model!


    Reflection Questions:

    1. What worked?
    2. What didn't work?
    3. How could I improve my design?
    4. How did I feel during this challenge?
    5. How do I feel now?


    6th-8th STEAM:

    I will post assignments in the google classroom for your class! Please see Google Science Classroom for codes!! 

    More STEAM Resources for your engineers!

    Design Squad - What do you want to make? - Students can enter the materials they have access to and spin the wheel to see cool projects they can make!