• Avon Home & School Executive Board

    Maggie Kinkela, President

    Lauren Kilcomons, Vice President of Public Relations

    Lauren Hayser, Vice President of Fundraising

    Nicole Szczepaniak, Secretary

    Colleen Connolly, Treasurer

    Lisa McLain, Class Parent Coordinator


    September 11, 2019

    Meeting Agenda

    • Executive Board/ Class Parent changes (Maggie)


    A very big thank you to Nora Hyland for her service on the Executive Board.  She is still helping finish out some tasks and facilitating the transition. We are grateful for that!  The new Executive Board is listed above. 


    1. Superintendent’s Corner 
      1. All AHSA meetings will take place in the media center & BOE meetings will take place in the Cafetorium.
      2. Great school opening this year!
      3. 9/11 Remembrance Morning Announcements today.
      4. Taking our Water Safety event to the next level by offering Ocean safety training. Proposed trip to Sea Bright for grades 6-8. Taught by Sea Bright Ocean Rescue. This is seperate from the all-grades water safety trip to the Neptune Aquatic Center. Vote to approve bussing was passed & approved.


    • Treasurer’s Report 
      1. Bi-annual gaming license is expiring 12/31/19 & up for renewal.
      2. The class of 2019 had a balance of $2,985.58. Divided by 9 classes, each class received $331.73
      3. We are starting the year off great:
        1.  $7,883.40 in the main account
        2. $22,693.00 in class accounts
        3. $1,469.00 in the booster account
        4. For a total of: $32,045.40


    1. PR & Enrichment Events Report - (Lauren Kilcomons)
      1. Lauren Kilcommons is working on this and will report once assemblies have been scheduled. 
      2. Moira Skinner is adding a new assembly this year on juvenile diabetes in partner with the Juvenile Diabetes Association. This assembly is completely free and will help raise awareness on a very important topic. Date is Tuesday, November 5th 1:45-3. This will be for all grades (including pre-k) & will be broken up in 2 levels (younger grades, and middle school)to account for the child’s age.
      3. Picture day is currently scheduled for 10/10. Thank you Lauren Kilcomons and Peggy Rielly for volunteering to help coordinate the kids. 
      4. Fall Afterschool Programs – Lisa McLain has coordinated all Fall activities for after school. SPREAD THE WORD
        1. Lego Creative Coding- Race Cars, Art Bots, Animals & More! Grades 1-4 on 6 Thursdays afternoons this fall. 
        2. The Art of Decorating Sweet Treats- Grades 3-5 on 4 Tuesday afternoons this fall
        3. Yoga- Grades 1-6 on 6 Wednesday afternoons this fall.


        1. Avon’s Got Talent is coming back this year! Need to change dates for show: dates don’t work for Boro!! Ideas ??? We are very excited to see what our talented tigers come up with! Tryouts will be held on October 23rd. We would love for as many people to get involved as possible and we are thinking of having the teachers in Pre-k through second grade do a class act!  
    • Possible school assembly Dinosaurs Rock????? Lisa McClain brought this to our attention Monday afternoon as a possible idea to book


    1.  Fundraising Report- (Lauren Hayser)

    Harvest Evening: We are changing things up this year! Due to the high volume of commitments we all have as parents in the beginning of the school year we have decided to push this wonderful event to the spring. Because of this we will no longer be putting Scarecrows around town to advertise. We are brainstorming some new ideas for the spring, so keep up to date with all the news!


    1. Fundraising Report (continued) (Lauren Hayser)
      1. Big Ticket for Spring Fundraiser: Hamilton Tickets- dates??? Need to apply for license ASAP!
      2. AES School Store - Every fall and spring we open our online "School Store" where you can buy all sorts of cool Tiger Gear for your family.  This year, we have some cool new socks and hats. The store will open on Monday September 17th and be open for 2 weeks. Look for an email with the link.  SPREAD THE WORD
      3. Thank you Lauren Hayser for coordinating the Summer Craft Fair at the Boardwalk and to those who volunteered!
      4. First collection of Box Tops will begin shortly. Send in your box tops with your child’s name and grades and help support this important program.  All box tops should be in by October 18th. Also need to get out a second email about the new APP and scan. Thanks to Kristin Fletcher for being Box Top Coordinator.   SPREAD THE WORD
      5. Stop and Shop Card Program - Please sign up for the Stop & Shop program an email was sent out about it last week- SPREAD THE WORD
      6. We need volunteers for the Craft Fair on November 30th. Sign up on the volunteer sheet.   
      7. We are going to plan a pancake breakfast again this year and are looking for volunteers.
      8. Stumpy’s Hatchet House Fundraiser idea-Elieen Fitzpatrick to provide more details.


    1. Class Parents Updates (Lisa McLain)
      1. 8th Grade Mum Sale – Purchase your mums from an 8th Grade student now. Final day for orders is September 16th – Delivery is September 23rd. Coordinators are Kristin Reilly and Marisa Czajkowski. SPREAD THE WORD
      2. Send regular reminders to the families in your class with AHSA events and reminders. Any agenda item with  SPREAD THE WORD after it should be included in your monthly emails to families in your class. 
      3. In an effort to make things easier for all our parents we are proposing a new way to collect money for class parents. Since harvest evening is being pushed back, money collection should be pushed back to late October, early November. We would like to have a sign up genius set up for class parties to help class parents offset those costs. And one collection for gifts instead of multiple. We will be putting a $20 cap on harvest evening gifts and $15 for teacher gifts. Class parents will decide on a gift to purchase for harvest evening and smaller classes will be grouped with larger classes.

    2. Booster Club - A big thank you to Melanie Duggan for coordinating our Booster CLub this year! She is going to put out a letter to all coaches about their wishlists. We are going to run the Superbowl pool and the mini golf outing again this year to fundraise. Be on the lookout for those events!


    1. Hospitality Committee - Thank you to Seton Heyes and the Sunshine & Hospitality Committee for the Back to School Teacher’s Breakfast and the New Families Breakfast.  


    1. Volunteers - New process for volunteer sign-ups: In an effort to organize ourselves, we have assembled a google spreadsheet so everyone can view volunteer opportunities in one spot and sign up. Simply add your name to volunteer column and the Coordinator or Co-coordinator will reach out to you. We want to streamline our process for gaining volunteer support especially for new families who are coming into the school. Let’s make this a great year!  Please sign up!!! SPREAD THE WORD 


    1. School Directory – we are busy compiling the school directory and are continuing with a digital version this year so it is more easily accessible, can be updated easier, and is cheaper than printing. Please access the school directory form here.


    1.   Any Other Business?