• Avon Home & School Executive Board


    Nora Hyland, Leigh Johnson, Co-Presidents

    Lauren Kilcomons, Vice President of Public Relations

    Lauren Hayser, Vice President of Fundraising

    Nicole Szczepaniak, Secretary

    Colleen Connolly, Treasurer

    Lisa McLain, Class Parent Coordinator


    April 17, 2019

    Meeting Minutes


    1. Review of March 2019 meeting minutes


    1. Superintendent’s Corner
      • Water Safety Trip-Sea Bright Ocean Rescue & Neptune Aquatic Center
        1. K-2: Thursday
        2. 3-8: all day Friday
        3. $15 Each, including buses. (buses total $425)
      • BOE Budget meeting- 5/2
      • Regular BOE Meeting- 5/8
      • Spring Concert- 6/11
      • Booster Dinner- 6/13
      • Field Day- 6/14, Rain date 6/13
      • Graduation- 6/19
      • Last Day of school- 6/20
      • Preschool Info:
        1. 2 Sessions: Morning 8:30-11:30, Afternoon 12:15-2:45
        2. Working on space


    1. Treasurer’s Report (Colleen)
      • Venmo is up and running! You can now pay for anything that is going into the main AHS account using Venmo. @Avon_Homeschool. Be sure to write in the memo what it is you are paying for.
      • Updates/ Balances


    1. Secretary - (Nicole)
      • Monthly minutes are posted on the AHSA website! Check it out!
      • Any emails and announcements to be sent out should go to Nicole.  Send it 2-3 days before you want it sent out.
      • Website is updated with all current events, meetings, etc.


      1. PR & Enrichment Events Report:(Lauren Kilcomons)
        • Invention Convention was a great success.  Thanks to the committee: Nora Hyland, Anne Feinstein, Lauren Kilcommons
        • Thank you to Lauren Hayser and Nora Hyland for throwing together the Egg Your House Fundraiser.  We egged 19 houses this week.  
        • Upcoming After school Programs*: (Lisa McLean)
          1. Monday May 6th - Mother’s Day Arts and Crafts*
          2. Monday June 10th - Father’s Day Arts and Crafts*
        • Ladies & Lads Event -  (coords: Kristin Reilly & Nora Hyland)*
          1. All set  - June 6th from 4:30 - 6:30 on the Ocean Explorer out of Belmar Marina.  $30 per person/ bring your own refreshments*
        • Talent Show (Lauren K, Maggie K) Volunteers Needed *
          1. Proposed show date- May 23rd (Thursday)
          2. Proposed “Audition” - May 1st (Wednesday)
          3. Proposed rehearsal May 21st (Tuesday)


    • Any ideas for fundraising at this?  Snack shack?


      • Field Day - June 14th (Co-ord: Kristin Fletcher, Deirdre Hauslet.  Volunteers: Arleen Smith, Lauren Kilcommons, Lauren Hayser, Michelle Petri)*
      • Please let Lauren Kilcommons know if you are coordinating any events and you want them communicated to, or covered by,  the Coast Star.  We can use the Avon Section to highlight upcoming events or to report on successful events. Anthony Rossics (arossics@thecoaststar.com) is our new reporter.


    1. Fundraising Report: (Lauren Hayser)
      • Old Monmouth Candy Fundraiser is up and running thanks to Maura Bannerman.
      • Stop and Shop Card Program*  - register and register your friends.*
      • Fun Run - Scheduled for May 31 . Information forthcoming (co-ord - Maggie Kinkela.  Volunteers: Lauren Kilcommons, Deirdre Hauselt, Megan Russoniello) *Need Sponsors*
      • Summer Craft Fair: volunteer sign up will be sent soon


    1. Class Parent Updates - (Lisa McLain) Anything with an asterisk( *) should be communicated to your class families.  Remind people of dates of events and ways to raise funds.
      • ****Coordinate cards, gifts, random acts of kindness from students & families for teacher appreciation week- May 6 - 10****

    2. Booster Club (Leigh or Nora)
      • Booster Dinner is scheduled for June 11th (Booster Club Committee)
        1. $22 per parent, $5 per athlete *Money goes toward coach gift


    1. Hospitality Committee (Leigh or Nora)
      • May 6 - 10 is Teacher Appreciation Week - (Peggy Reilly & committee)
    1. Volunteers -(Leigh or Nora)  
      • We’ll send out a volunteer form during the first week of MAY to plan ahead for next year.     
      • We will also send out the application for class parent volunteers.  


    Alumni Committee - The Alumni Committee update? (Leigh Johnson, Maggie Kinkela, Kristin Fletcher)


    1. Other Business?
    • Fundraiser Event for Ava (Joan O’Hear is coordinating on behalf of the AHSA with community ember from SoulShine.  At the request of the family.) More details to come and calls for volunteers soon. Date to be early September
    • Food Borne Allergies Discussion - Information for Parents
    • AES Strategic Plan - Families should read
    • We will include with the volunteer survey/class parent form some questions about what topics parents are interested in exploring.   
    • Leigh Stepping down as co-president.