• Avon Home & School Executive Board

    Nora Hyland, Leigh Johnson, Co-Presidents

    Lauren Kilcomons, Vice President of Public Relations

    Lauren Hayser, Vice President of Fundraising

    Nicole Szczepaniak, Secretary

    Colleen Connolly, Treasurer

    Lisa McLain, Class Parent Coordinator


    March 20, 2018

    Meeting Minutes

    Meeting opened at 6:20 by Nora Hyland

    1. Review of January’s meeting minutes (Our February Meeting was snowed out.)
    2. Superintendent’s Corner
    3. Treasurer’s Report 
      1. Venmo is up and running! You can now pay for anything that is going into the main AHS account using Venmo. @Avon_Homeschool. Be sure to write in the memo what it is you are paying for.
    4. Secretary 
      1. Monthly minutes are be posted on the AHSA website! Check it out!
      2. Any emails and announcements to be sent out should go to Nicole.  Send it 2-3 days before you want it sent out.
      3. We have decided to allow NJHS students to advertise their special projects via our list serv and our facebook and instagram.
      4. Website is updated with all current events, meetings, etc.
    1. PR & Enrichment Events Report:
      1. Some ideas for next year’s convention included having big kids partner with little kids to work on projects and utilizing the NJHS students in need of hours.
      1. Springtime Arts & Crafts (April 8th)
      2. Creative Writing (Starts March 28th for 8 weeks)
      1. A fishing boat trip was proposed for this event and was approved.
        1. Ideas include a Thursday evening in June from about 4:30-6:30, leaving from Belmar on Ocean Explorer.
      1. The survey was cancelled as time to get this event up and running is short.
      2. If the coordinators of this event are able to pull it off we will support all their efforts. We will be in contact if this event will be happening this year.
      1. A vote to approve ~$160 worth of new field day t-shirts passed.
      1. Thank you to everyone who helped make Lunch with Someone Special a success! Special thank you to Megan Russoniello for coordinating & all other parent volunteers who helped make this afternoon one to remember!
      2. A big thank you to Michael’s Pizzeria of Avon and Sprinkles Ice Cream for making out Pizza & Ice cream delivery fundraiser a hit! Thank you to all parent volunteers who helped organize & deliver as well!
      3. Dance with your Darling was a big success.  Thanks to Lauren Hayser for coordinating.
      4. Scholastic Book Fair Thanks to Peggy Reilly for coordinating and to all of the parent volunteers.  The kids loved it.
      5. Invention Convention is Coming soon on March 28th. Calling all future scientists, get your experiments ready!  Please spread the word to your scientists. (Nora Hyland & Anne Feinstein & Lauren Kilcomons)
      6. Upcoming After school Programs*: (Lisa McLean)
      7. Ladies & Lads Event - discussion of idea and updates.  (coords: Kristin Reilly & Nora Hyland)
      8. Talent Show Survey & Discussion - (Lauren K, Maggie K)
      9. Field Day - June 14th (Co-ord: Kristin Fletcher, Deirdre Hauslet.  Volunteers: Arleen Smith, Lauren Kilcommons, Lauren Hayser, Michelle Petri)
      10. Please let Lauren Kilcommons know if you are coordinating any events and you want them communicated to, or covered by,  the Coast Star.  We can use the Avon Section to highlight upcoming events or to report on successful events. Anthony Rossics (arossics@thecoaststar.com) is our new reporter.
    1. Fundraising Report: 
      1. Old Monmouth Candy Fundraiser is up and running thanks to Maura Bannerman.
      2. Possible doughnut fundraiser with Main Street Doughnuts
      3. Possible dodgeball event next year
      4. Stop and Shop Card Program*  - register and register your friends.*
      5. Fun Run - Scheduled for May 31 . Information forthcoming (co-ord - Maggie Kinkela.  Volunteers: Lauren Kilcommons, Deirdre Hauselt, Megan Russoniello)
      6. Summer Craft Fair: new Swell water bottle designs will be sent soon
    1. Class Parent Updates - Anything with an asterisk( *) should be communicated to your class families.  Remind people of dates of events and ways to raise funds.
      1. Please talk up all after school activities as sign up has been lower this year
      2. Coordinate cards, gifts, random acts of kindness from students & families for teacher appreciation week

    2. Booster Club 
      1. An idea for next year to run a March Madness pool as well
      1. Idea to move this event to Jan/Feb next year
      1. A big thank you to Melanie Duggan & Maggie Kinkela for a successful Super Bowl pool! And thank you to our AES athletes for selling out the boxes!
      2. Family Bowling Night was scheduled for March 22nd, but there was a conflict with too many families.
      3. Booster Dinner is scheduled for June 11th (Booster Club Committee)
    1. Hospitality Committee 
      1. May 6 - 10 is Teacher Appreciation Week - (Peggy Reilly & committee)
    1. Volunteers
      1. We want to streamline the process for volunteering and hope to do more and more electronically.   
      2. We’ll send out a form next month to plan ahead for next year.     We also have a new application process for class parent volunteers.  Please review.

    Alumni Committee - The Alumni Committee has made some progress - update? (Leigh Johnson, Maggie Kinkela, Kristin Fletcher)

    1. Other Business?
      1. We are developing a Middle School poll for an program in the arts to run next year between basketball and baseball/softball season.  
      2. The AHSA will start to host some advocacy and educational sessions for parents and families.   To kick off this initiative, we will be having a speaker and brief information session about Food Borne Allergies in Children at our next AHSA meeting on April 17th at 6:15 in the Cafetorium.   We hope to be able to make some policy recommendations to our school administration as as result of such sessions.   Please attend the next AHSA meeting on April 17th and be a part of this important conversation.
      3. Finally, and most importantly, most of you already know that one of our 8th grade girls, Ava Phillips, was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  She and her wonderful family are doing all they can to get Ava healthy again, but that means that Ava will miss the spring of her final year at AES. In an effort to show Ava that we love her, support her, and that she is always on our minds, the 8th grade girls are selling Ava Strong bracelets for $3 each.  We are hoping that everyone in the Avon School Community will purchase one and we can all show Ava how much we love her. Please reach out to the 8th grade girls or to one of the executive board members of the AHSA to buy one. The proceeds from the bracelets will all go to help the Phillips family as they navigate this challenging time.