• Avon Home & School Executive Board


    Nora Hyland, Leigh Johnson, Co-Presidents

    Lauren Kilcomons, Vice President of Public Relations

    Lauren Hayser, Vice President of Fundraising

    Nicole Szczepaniak, Secretary

    Colleen Connolly, Treasurer

    Lisa McLain, Class Parent Coordinator


    November 7, 2018

    Meeting Minutes

    Meeting opened at 6:20 by Leigh Johnson

    1. Superintendent’s Corner
      1. Harvest Evening was a success thanks in part to the location, the price point, and the strong community feel.
      2. Halloween pizza parties worked out very smoothly.
      3. Additional 8th grade field trip to Manasquan High School for a peer leadership workshop. This event focuses on service learning, peer leadership, and is a precursor to peer leadership at Manasquan HS.
        1. Bus transportation: $225 or parent transportation TBD
        2. Committing to do this experience, or something like this, next year and for years to come.
      4. Bus evacuation drill was completed today 11/7. Discussed what to do in an emergency while riding on a bus.
      5. Green Light event: Done in November to show Veteran support. This will be included in a morning announcement on Monday.
      6. NJHS Food drive is still ongoing.
      7. Tiger Pride Fridays: Join Avon staff in wearing your Avon gear on Fridays all year.
      8. Parent Teacher Conferences: Monday November 19-Tuesday November 20th.
        1. An email will be sent explaining how to register & schedule.
          1. K-4: online registration and a 1 on 1 meeting with the teacher.
          2. 5th grade: will also be registered online but will be student led.
          3. Middle school: Call in to schedule a group meeting with teachers.


    1. Treasurer’s Report Good News!!!

    Harvest Evening

    Click here

    1. Secretary
      1. Monthly minutes are be posted on the AHSA website! Check it out!
      2. Any emails and announcements to be sent out should go to Nicole.  Send it 2-3 days before you want it sent out.
      3. We have decided to allow NJHS students to advertise their special projects via our list serv and our facebook and instagram.


    1. PR & Enrichment Events Report
      1. We have our first assembly schedule. Civil Rights Assembly on 11/13. This will be a fun hip hop performance for grades 2-8.
      2. Thank you class parents for all the fun Halloween parties!
      3. Upcoming fall After school Programs:
        1. Dinosaurs Rock! Fossil, Mineral, & Ocean Adventure - Exciting hands on exploration of the prehistoric world. K-6 on Wednesday afternoons this fall.*
        2. Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts - Thursday November 14th*.
        3. Please send an email to Lisa McLain to secure your spot & If you haven’t sent in your money for these activities please do so ASAP.
      4. Dad’s Club - Pat Reilly (7th grade class dad and father of 3 AES students) wants to start a dad’s social club to build community (and pass the hat to raise a few Benjamins. Looking at a once a month casual meetup.
      5. Please let Lauren Kilcommons know if you are coordinating any events and you want them communicated to, or covered by,  the Coast Star. We can use the Avon Section to highlight upcoming events or to report on successful events.

    2. Fundraising Report

    Harvest Evening

      1. Harvest Evening was a wonderful success! Thank you to everyone who donated their time, talents, and gifts to help make this evening so special!   Thanks to Jane Losinger (newly elected AES School Board Member) for taking on the monumental task of writing over 100 Thank you notes. Please let her know if you have someone specific that we should thank.  We are already planning next year’s Harvest Evening Hoe Down. Mark October 12th on your calendars.*
    1. Fundraising Report (continued)
      1. AES School Store - Due to popular demand, the store has been opened again. You have until Wednesday evening to purchase Avon spiritwear. Remember we are doing Spirit Fridays this year, so make sure to grab your gear!  The store closes today.*
      2. Craft Fair on November 24th* - We need volunteers for the upcoming Craft Fair on November 24th. Please sign up on the volunteer sheet.  Seventh Grade Class Parents are coordinating. Craft Fair Table sign up
        1. Will be raffling remaining baskets that were not claimed from Harvest Evening.
      3. Stop and Shop Card Program - register and register your friends.*  
      4. Better Than Broadway is coming up - January 14th - 18th!*Get ready for a fun and immersive theater experience! We will raise funds this year by soliciting advertisers to be printed in the “Playbill”


      1. Box Tops- Thank you to Melanie Duggan for coordinating our first box tops collection of the year! We submitted about 400 box tops. Thank you to all who sent them in. Let’s try to get those numbers up for our next collection in February! Spread the word.*
      2. Bungalow Road Fundraiser - December 6th.*  


    1. Class Parent Updates Anything with an asterisk( *) should be communicated to your class families.  Remind people of dates of events and ways to raise funds.   Start planning your teacher gifts and holiday parties.

    2. Booster Club
      1. Booster Club Free Throw Contest: Saturday November 17 * at the Municipal building. Come support the Avon Tigers at this fun family event! All proceeds benefit the athletic programs.
      2. Booster Club upcoming events:  Family Bowling & Bake Sale (need a date) and Super Bowl Pool (Maggie Kinkela)
      3. Question for group - Would it be OK to do Family Bowling on a weekday night?  Hard to get weekend nights at the lanes.
        1. Decided yes weekday nights are fine, a Thursday preferred.


    1. Hospitality Committee
      1. Teachers’ Thanksgiving Breakfast  (Committee will solicit donations for Weds. November 21st)
      2. Cookie Swap - We are trying to book the firehouse for December 19th for the cookie swap.  Let’s encourage people to attend. This is typically a fun night. Everyone brings 112 cookies.   You donate 12 to the teachers, and we swap with the other 100. We’ll send an email once the date is confirmed.  


    1. Volunteers

    New process for volunteer sign-ups: In an effort to organize ourselves, we have assembled a google spreadsheet so everyone can view volunteer opportunities in one spot and sign up.   

    We are always welcoming new volunteers! (We need coordinators for:


    • Avon’s Got Talent- Date TBD will be in the spring
    • Scholastic Book Fair (March 11 - 15)



    Alumni Committee - Thanks to Maggie Kinkela for volunteering to coordinate this committee and to Kristin Scrabis Fletcher for volunteering to serve,  We should have a report and call for more volunteers by next month.


    1. School Directory – School directory is finalized will be sending a digital copy. Printed copies will be available upon request.


    1. Other Business?
      1. Girls’ on the Run: Looking to see if there is interest to do this fun and inspiring program. Will be in the Spring for grades 3-5.