• Avon Home & School Meeting Minutes

    September 12, 2018

     Avon Home & School Executive Board

     Nora Hyland, Leigh Johnson, Co-Presidents

    Lauren Kilcomons, Vice President of Public Relations

    Lauren Hayser, Vice President of Fundraising

    Nicole Szczepaniak, Secretary

    Colleen Connolly, Treasurer

    Lisa McLain, Class Parent Coordinator

    This meeting was opened at 6:15 by Nora Hyland

    Meeting Agenda 

    • Executive Board/ Class Parent changes 

     Thank you to Arleen Smith, Deirdre Hauslet, Kathleen Annitto, and Tim Cunningham for their service on the Executive Board.  Some of them are still helping finish out some tasks and facilitating the transition. We are grateful for that! The new Executive Board is listed above.  We added the role of class parent coordinator because it was in our by-laws and it had not been filled. We are also grateful for Lauren Hayser for being the one experienced e-board member to stick with us!!

    Thanks also to Maggie Kinkela for volunteering to fill in as 2nd grade class parent as we bid a fond farewell to Stephanie Henderson!

    • Superintendent’s Corner
    1. Back to School Night: Thursday 9/20
    2. First Family University Session: October date TBD
    3. Communication:
      • School to family communication done in newsletter set out weekly. Newsletter includes upcoming events and information. Follow links for more information.
      • Security Procedure Changes:
      • New window in office prevents entry into building unless an appointment is scheduled.
      • 4 types of emergency procedures and drills are practiced on a regular basis.

    4. Other news:

    KOH walk to support team Lisa by the Sea: Saturday 9/29

    Hurricane preparedness discussion with kids

    •  PR & Enrichment Events Report 
      1. 5 assemblies have been scheduled
      2. Welcome Back & Welcome New Parents. The “nonfire” was a wonderful event with a nice attendance. Thanks to everyone who contributed desserts!
      3. Picture day is currently scheduled for 10/10. Thank you Lauren Kilcomons and Tanya Boyle for volunteering to help coordinate the kids.
      4. Fall Afterschool Programs – Lisa McLain has coordinated all Fall activities for after school. SPREAD THE WORD
        1. Crayola World of Design - Exciting arts opportunity for children in grades K-6 on eight Thursday afternoons this fall. 
        2. Mad Science - Science exploration opportunity for children in grades K-4 on eight Tuesday afternoons this fall. 
        3. Halloween After School Crafts - Weds, October 24th**If you sign up to be a parent volunteer for a class (all sessions), your child’s participation is FREE!
      1. Back to School Night is scheduled for 9/20. Please be sure to attend. SPREAD THE WORD
    • Fundraising Report

    Harvest Evening

    Our biggest fundraiser of the year is back. Harvest Evening Hoedown will be held on Saturday, October 13th at 6pm at the Municipal Building. We need all your support to pass the word, sell tickets and help with the planning! SPREAD THE WORD

      1. Decoration Committee –Kristen Reilly is coordinating decorations prior to the start of the event. The 8th grade students will decorate pumpkins and place them at the municipal building on 10/12. Lauren Hayser and Maura Bannerman will coordinate. Volunteers are needed to help set up.
      2. Graphics & Ticket Design – Thank you to Lisa McLain for coordinating & donating the posters and tickets.
      3. Advanced Ticket Sales – We will not have the option to purchase tickets online this year. Tickets can be preordered with a check to AHSA or cash at the door.
      4. 50/50 Raffle Tickets & Billy Joel Raffle Tickets have been selling. Selling tickets at the boardwalk during various events over the summer was a success and class parents are doing a great job. Please attempt to sell these tickets to family and friends and provide the ticket stubs and the monies to your class parent or someone on the eboard no later than Thursday, October 11th.
        1. An idea for class parents to give each child in a class 2 tickets each was introduced as a way to sell more tickets.
        2. Another idea to extend the 50/50 to all year next year to allow a bigger pool and bigger prize.
      5. Scarecrows are back! We have a few more scarecrows that need a sponsor.  Families are welcome to sponsor, but we need confirmation by TODAY. Thanks to everyone who has already "adopted" a scarecrow. 
        1. Scarecrows should be up next week pending a Garden Club meeting on Monday.
      6. Harvest Evening Hoedown Gift Auction - Businesses and individuals donate gifts or services and Hoedowners buy chances to win the items or services. If you have a gift or a service to donate, please email Lauren Hayser at lgilldc@optonline.net  
      7. We need volunteers to wrap Gift baskets for the auction. If you are interested in participating in wrapping and/or delivering baskets please email Lauren Hayser or sign up on the volunteer sheet.
      8. Advertisements – We will not be selling advertisements this year. Rather we will utilize the AHSA Facebook page to promote our event. Please consider sharing this page with your friends.
      9. Sign-ups needed for working the event this year. We will be providing a list of time slots that we need help with on the night of the event. Areas are: Check in, ticket sales, 50/50 selling, clean-up and basket patrol. Please volunteer tonight or respond back to AHS@avonschool.com with your availability.
      10. Yes, there will be a mechanical bull. Along with a large food truck, Beer truck, and 2 bands!

    • Fundraising Report (continued) 
      1. Spirit days come up early in the year. Class parents remind new families to get their gear early.
      1. AES School Store - Every fall and spring we open our online "School Store" where you can buy all sorts of cool Tiger Gear for your family.  This year, we have some cool new socks and hats. The store will open on Monday September 17th.  Look for an email with the link.  SPREAD THE WORD
      2. Thank you Lauren Hayser for coordinating the Summer Craft Fair at the Boardwalk and to those who volunteered. We were very successful in our fundraiser this year! We made $1,263. Thank you also for coordinating the Chipotle Fundraiser. That brought in a few hundred dollars in spite of the torrential rain.
      3. First collection of Box Tops will begin shortly. Send in your box tops with your child’s name and grades and help support this important program.  Thanks to Melanie Duggan for being Box Top Coordinator. SPREAD THE WORD.
      4. Stop and Shop Card Program - Please sign up for the Stop & Shop program an email was sent out about it last week- SPREAD THE WORD
      5. We need volunteers for the Craft Fair on November 24th.  Can sign up on the volunteer sheet.
      6. Super Bowl Pool in the works. Need research and coordinator.
      7. Darcy’s Fundraiser-TBD
      8. Avon’s Got Talent idea to be discussed
      9. “Non-fundraiser fundraiser” to be discussed
    • Class Parents Updates 
      1. $15 per student/grade is due to parents now for the Harvest Evening Hoedown Class Gift Baskets. Thank you to the class parents for coordinating the collection of the $15 or total of $30.
      2. Class baskets will be: K & 1st – Yeti Cooler, 2nd & 3rd – xbox, 4th & 5th – 2 surfboards, 6th & 7th – designer bag, and 8th – 2 beach cruisers
      3. 8th Grade Mum Sale – Purchase your mums from an 8th Grade student now. Final day for orders is September 13th – Delivery is September 20th. Coordinators are Lauren Hayser and Maura Bannerman. SPREAD THE WORD
      4. Class Parent List should be accessible to everyone.  Please take a look at the list and make any changes and please add an update on your raffle ticket sales.  
      5. Thanks to Megan Russoniello who has been selling raffle tickets like crazy!!
      6. Send regular reminders to the families in your class with AHSA events and reminders. Any agenda item with  SPREAD THE WORD after it should be included in your monthly emails to families in your class. 
    • Booster Club - This Sunday, September 16th the Booster Club is sponsoring its first fundraiser!! A Mini Golf Outing in Bradley Beach for Kids & Adults!  Thanks to Melanie Duggan, Deirdre Hauslet, and Brigid Magrini for their work on this and for their great new Booster Club flyer.
      1. Foul Shooting Contest TBD this fall
      2. Home Run Derby TBD this spring
    • Hospitality Committee - Thank you to Peggy Reilly, Gracia Phillips and the Sunshine & Hospitality Committee for the Back to School Teacher’s Breakfast and the New Families Breakfast.  
    • Volunteers - New process for volunteer sign-ups: In an effort to organize ourselves, we have assembled a google spreadsheet so everyone can view volunteer opportunities in one spot and sign up. Simply add you name to volunteer column and the Coordinator or Co-coordinator will reach out to you. We want to streamline our process for gaining volunteer support especially for new families who are coming into the school. Let’s make this is a great year!  Please sign up!!! SPREAD THE WORD
    • School Directory – we are busy compiling the school directory and are considering a digital version this year so it is more easily accessible, can be updated easier, and is cheaper than printing.  Thanks to Joan O’Hear for taking the lead on this this year.
      1. Class parents- reach out to parents to complete forms.
    • AHSA Volunteer Opportunities
    • Harvest Evening Gift Baskets
    • Harvest Evening Decorations
    • Harvest Evening - Helping that night
    • After School Event Supervisors
    • Holiday Craft Fair - Set-up and/or work the Table
    • Bungalow Road Fundraiser - Coordinators
    • Super Bowl Pool - Coordinators
    • Family Fun Night - Coordinators
    • Scholastic Book Fair - Coordinators
    • Fun Run - Coordinators
    • Alumni Committee - Coordinators