If you need to reach me. My email is jpigman@avonschool.com


    Fun Facts about Mr. Pigman


    • I have a Bachelor of Science in History and Special Education from Georgian Court University.


    • I attended Avon School and graduated in 2005!


    • I have been teaching for 4+ years but this is my 2nd year in Avon School!


    • I grew up in Avon by the Sea and still live there to this day!


    • I have 48 cousins (A huge family is alot of fun!!)


    • I have 4 pet turtles! (Harry, Mary, Coral and little Squirt)


    • I love to travel.  I did two travel programs, one in Greece and one in Spain!! 


    • I like to stay active- I enjoy bike riding, long walks and hikes, going to the beach, and swimming.


    • I enjoy gardening!! I look forward to growing my new garden every spring!


    • My favorite children’s book is The Lorax by Dr. Suess