The Eighth Grade
    Language Arts Literacy Program
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    The eighth grade program of Language Arts Literacy is comprised of the following elements:


    What is it? What is required?

    How will it be graded?

    Writing Workshop




    Writer’s Notebook /

    Writing Log

    The Writing Workshop notebook will be used for mini lessons, writing tasks, and strategy practice. Students are required to take notes, complete assignments, and practice skills from the mini lessons.

    The composition notebook will be used as a writer’s notebook, in which memories, ideas, responses, and observations will be generated.

    The workshop notebook will be graded on whether or not notes, assignments, and tasks were completed and of high quality, neat, and organized.


    This is a place for students to take risks in  their writing. It will be graded on whether or not they complete the assignments, not on the quality of their work, as it is continuously a work in progress.

    Writing Pieces

    Students will create a number of writing pieces including the following: RST essays, expository essays, RAECT essays, memoir, literary essays, persuasive essays, research writing, poetry, and craft study. For each unit, students will come up with a seed for their topic using their writer’s notebook, then draft the piece, conference, revise, and edit, and finally, submit a final copy to be assessed.

    Students will be given a rubric checklist for each writing assignment as well as conference time and comments on their piece. Finally, writing will be assessed using the rubric. Students will maintain a portfolio/folder of their writing pieces.

    Reading Workshop

    Students will practice skills each day during Independent Reading time. Students must have a book of their choice to read at all times. This book must be in class every day along with a stack of Post-It notes. In addition, students will be required to read each night for 30 minutes and write three deep PINs and extensions.

    Further, students will be responsible for class readings such as novels, short stories, essays, and poems.

    Notebooks will be assessed each marking period, and all work should be neat, organized, and of high quality, even from days that students were absent. In addition, students will be required to complete an Independent Reading Response write up every Friday, so that I can check up on their thinking about their reading. Further, students will complete activities, projects, quizzes, and tests on class readings.

    Literature Circles

    Students will be participating in Literature Circles meetings. During this time, students will choose a book from the selection provided and will need to read and be prepared to discuss their reading at each meeting.

    Each meeting will require students to complete various tasks as well as a self-assessment of their contributions.

    Word Study

    Wordly Wise Grade 8:   Each lesson will last two weeks. Students will be required to complete word webs, charts, and other activities to practice their assigned words. During this time, students will need to practice their words as the cycle will end with spelling and vocabulary tests.

    Homework will be checked daily.

    Students will be given spelling and vocabulary tests at the end of each cycle.





    Mug shots are daily sentences that are corrected for errors in grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. If extra practice with these concepts is needed, and practice pages will be assigned.

    Sentences are assigned daily, and workbook pages are assigned if more reinforcement is needed for particular skills. Weekly quizzes allow students to demonstrate their mastery of these skills.

    We use independent reading books, class novels, read alouds, Scholastic Scope magazine, literature circle novels, poetry, and other supplementary materials during our study of literature. 
    Students write for a variety of purposes and audiences throughout this course.  The writing portion of the course is comprised of writing workshop, which includes various writing techniques and styles such as memoirs, RST essays, expository essays, RAECT essays, short stories, reflection and reaction papers, and poetry writing. 
    We use Wordly Wise Level 8 for our word study lists.
    Some of the novels we will read this year include the following:
    The Gospel According to Larry
    The Outsiders
    Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie,
    The Princess Bride