• The Avon School has chosen the "Enhanced Food Based Menu Planning Option" for our school lunch program.  Enhanced Food Based Menus are created by selecting a variety of foods from five (5) meal components:
             meat/meat alternatives
    Special emphasis has been placed on increasing the total amount of vegetables, fruits, and grains/breads served each week.  All menus must meet the minimum daily quantities and nutritional requirements established by the Bureau of Child Nutrition and are analyzed to ensure compliance.
    The program offers five (5) daily "lunch menus" to the Avon Students.  These are complete meals including a beverage and dessert.  In addition, the program will offer snacks on a daily basis to the students once they have completed their meal.  All items sold in the school cafeteria are child nutrition (CN) approved products and are in accordance with the Avon Board of Education's School Nutrition Policy.