• Avon Tigers are Respectful, Responsible & Caring


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Respect all peers and teachers, and respect all equipment we might use in the lab.

    2. Come to class prepared with all required and necessary materials. Lab notebooks are stored in the lab (unless taken home to study).

    3. Four on the floor - do not lean back on your chair or your desk.

    4. Do not talk when someone else is talking. If you would like to add a thought or ask a question, please raise your hand. 

    5. No food or drinks in the lab.

    6. Learn, discover, ask questions, and have fun! 


    In addition:

    - Check Google Calendar/Classroom daily for homework and assignments.

    - I am available during intervention/recess every day, as well as before and after school on most days. Please let me know at least the day before if you plan on coming in early. 

     - Lab safety guidelines can be found at this link.